HP Patwari Exams Result 2017 Download Cut off Expected

In Himachal most of the people love to work in govt. sector to serve for society. In most of the states of India. Mostly 3% of the total population govt. provides employment where as in HP near about 6% of the population is on govt. jobs. The reason is simple HP is hilly and mountainous area and second reason is people are not depend on industry and other thing or even agriculture.

So govt. of HP also provides an opportunity to those candidates who are below age 45 years and love to serve his/ her states in the field of revenue department.
It is a uphill task to the department to keep the land record up dated. In this department field work is always tough and challenging.
Besides land record many thing are also maintained by patwaries such as demarcation, consolidation, jamabandi ,tacxime.

HP Patwari Exams Result 2017

On the other hand various revenue related policies and programmer run by state and center govt. also reach to comman man under serious involvement and latest updation if made by the patwari of particular area for example old age pension programme , pension for special people for example someone is handicapped ,widow pension programme in all such cases patwari’s revenue report is necessary.
So one can by knowing the envelopment of patwari may definitely want to get this job.
This is no doubt a challenging job but most respectful to all section of society. Any kind of certificate if some one want to made he/ she has to visit his /her office. For example bonofied or income or legal here or something else.
This year HP govt. held exam for patwari recruitment 2017 for that you can visit www.himachal.nic.in/revenue

 Himachal Pradesh HP Patwari Exams Result 2017

After visiting this site you may easily come across about your quirt for example regarding your patwari syllabus .
Set up of previous year question year papers . How recruitment is done . In last year exams what was merit cut list.
Answer key down load.
You can also visit to etimetable2016.in to know how one can prepare his/her self for exam and personality test.
First we can discuss her about the syllabus that you can cover by consulting various books of that field :-
In patwari exam when ever posts announced by govt. 100 marks question paper are asked in previous exams and each question carry equal marks. There is no negative marking in the exams. But even after that we must go through these areas which are concerned to the exam level. The following subjects are extremely given full touch to we have division for you :-

HP Patwari Exams Result 2017

1. Mathematics:- As we all knows mathematics help in developing the reasoning. So in this portion mathematics units :- Average, percentage, simplification ,geometry ( area , perimeter ,circumference related questions ) ,loss & profit ,cubic and cuboid , time ,distance and speed ,trigonometry related question may asked. Total 25 question may come from this
2. Hindi :- In Hindi mostly control over grammar is checked by paper setter. For example –noun, pronoun, adjective, verb synonmas, opposites, idoms, are asked. Ther may be only 25 questions in this portion.
3. English :- In English comprehension test is conducted. You may find a paragraph in question paper and on that you may be asked few question . Question can be grammar based :- Pronoun, adjective ,verb , articals .preposition ,idoms ,proverbs. Mostly questions in this language are on our day to day language understanding and skill of writing this second language can be checked.
About 25 question may be there on English language .
4. Fourth portion of question paper may be on current affairs on HP GK ( old & new facts ) and India and even world wide happening.
For example :-
Q. 1 Who is the chair person of UNO ?
Ans . Ban ki Moon.
Q. 2 Which country he belong to ?
Ans . South Korea.
To all about syllabus previous question papers of last 3-4 patwari exams and for your answer key you can log on our site etimetable2016.in or you can visit department site www.himachal.nic.in/revenue

Selection system :-
1. Screening exam
2. Personality test
How we can prepare for we discussed above screening test . We hope it will help you to get good position.