Bihar Panchayat Mukhiya Election 2016 Chunav Tarikh Released soon

By | February 29, 2016

Bihar Panchayat Mukhiya Election 2016 Chunav Tarikh Released soon

India is a land of great men and women who earn their name and made their country a pride full Nation by putting democratic system .Where elected govt. form Gram Panchayat to Nation level (up to parliament) members are elected .Here one thing is made so beautiful in Indian constitution that election are conducted after every five years. Whether Election is at Panchayat Level or MLA or MP level.

Are going to held in April or mid 2016.We can say that it is the local govt. at Panchayat level to the development works once panchayat is framed.

In Bihar population is about 9 crores or above where to conduct election of any format is a uphill task to the administration and the govt.

Here Election in Bihar will be conducted in 10 phases the detail of these phases is as under:–

India became Democratic in 1952 when first time election conducted whereas it became REPUBALIC IN 26TH January 1950.

In 1958 a new Era started in villages of our country where Rajastan became the first country who adopted Panchayti Raj System .Now all state of India follow this process of Panchayat after every Five years.

Dear fellow friends Bihar is also one of them where we believe that election will be conducted in fair manner because by electing our representatives we can change the grass root structure of whole India where still development is urgent need of the society.

Bihar Panchayat Mukhiya Election 2016 Chunav Tarikh Released soon

1.This year election will on old pattern.

2.It can be shifted to mid 2016.

Note :– Further information regarding to this election can be available to this site by visiting

Further all information about candidates, Reserve Seats, and list of all the categories will be up loaded on this site and there after polling percentage will also uploaded on this site.