Fact about HPTU

By | September 18, 2016


Dear friends as you all know that the HPTU is the best university of HImachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh Technical University is established in the year 2010 by an Act of Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh with an objective for value creation and welfare of society through technical education training, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and continuing education programs. At the same time, the University is responsive to the changing and exceptional requirements of our society and economy and contributes to find answers to global problems. The University offers both short-term and long-term programs leading to Advance Diploma and Degrees, which are conventional as well as innovative through public and private participation. Most of these programs have been developed after an initial survey of the demand for such Programs.

The programs offered are designed to equip graduates with the necessary skills and expertise to be the leaders in their chosen professions. The key to the success lies in the high premium it places on innovation, along with the work that is done by different role players and stakeholders to promote the University achievements in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. This is being achieved through a bench marking system, which ensures that training and research programs always meet the highest standards.

These are some fact about HPTU. It is only a personal thinking of me so friend doesn’t take it seriously. Thank You.

Fact about HPTU

These are some fact of Himachal Pradesh Technical University which will understand by the people who study in HPTU.
  •  After a certain time HPTU give a workshop on the advancement of technology to the student.
  • The syllabus of the HPTU (Himachal Pradesh Technical University) is 98.3% similar to PTU (Punjab Technical University)
  • The result of the Himachal Pradesh Technical University is maximum in alternate manner i.e. one time it may be 90% and other time it may be have 9%.This is the hilarious fact about HPTU.
  • The pattern of the paper style never be same no matter its theory paper or a numerical paper. No one knows about the style of the paper.
  • Only 9% students will take honors degree from HPTU, so lucky.

These are some fact of HPTU from my opinion and my friend thinking if you put out from my word then sorry dont be panic just chill and enjoy it. Please comment bellow about these fact.If you have another interesting fact please comment bellow.