Himachal Pradesh Elections Result 2017 | Download Election Result 2017

By | November 10, 2017

Himachal Pradesh Elections Result 2017 | Download Election Result 2017

The election was conducted on the date of 09/11/2017. After the election poll, the results of the election should be declared. The election voting machine will be stored carefully in high-security place and also sealed. The security will be consists of like camera and guards etc that any default is not to take place in the election voting machine. When the results of the election will be disclosed than the votes starts to be counted after the break the sealed of election voting machine. Himachal Pradesh has the 68 members in the Legislative assembly. Who will win the election this is the main thing revolving around in everyone’s mind.

Himachal Pradesh Elections Result 2017

To give the vote is the rights of every human being. The votes will be counted in the various round like first round, second round, third round, fourth sound and many more rounds till the final round. The votes will count and updates will be given live on the news live media. The related information updates will be given on the official website of election commission Himachal Pradesh.

The members of parties like Aam Aadmi Party, Bhartiya Janta Party, Indian national congress and many parties who was elected in the election polls are waiting for the results of the election which will be declared might be in December or January of 2018.

No. of Election Seats:

The Total No. of Seat68 Seat
Himachal Lokhit Party ( HLP)01 Seat
Bhartiya Janta party ( BJP)26 Seat
Independent Candidates ( IND)5 Seat
Indian National Congress ( INC)36 Seat

The counting of results with the constituency wise or candidate wise MLA winners list shall be updated shortly on the official website of the election commission in the form of pdf files. The total no of seats of polling will be of 68. The winning seats and the no. of seats of election polling will be updated live. The votes should be counts under the security and the supervision of members of election commission department. Updates of results and winning list will be updated on the Himachal Pradesh election result 2017.

The previous results of Himachal Pradesh election 2012 with the no. of seat party wise is mentioned here:

Himachal Pradesh Elections Result 2017


The total no. of seat: 68 seat

Himachal lokhit party ( HLP): 01 seat

Bhartiya Janta party ( BJP): 26 seat

Independent candidates ( IND) : 5 seat

Indian national congress ( INC) : 36 post

The overall winning party of last year was Indian national congress party ( INC). Now we wait for the results of  Himachal Pradesh election results in 2017 what will happen. Best of luck for all the parties for this election results.